Division 4 Winners

2019_Summer Mildenhall FC A Prince B Colin Barton and
Greame Geddes and
Brad Pasicznyk
2018_Summer Cherry Tree A Rising Sun B William Ellis
2017_Winter The Shoes Clicks B Greame Geddes
2017_Summer Cheveley Road A Rising Sun A Graeme Geddes and
Paul Bunting
2016_Winter White Swam B Rising Sun B Andrew Quinn and
Andy Tran and
Stuart Miller
2016_Summer Burwell A Horseshoes Chad Mitchell
2015_Winter Burwell B Cheveley Road Paul Bunting
2015_Summer MJ's A Cherry Tree B Carl Scottor or
Danny Fletcher or
Michael Rogers or
Shaun Mason
2014_Winter Red Lodge Sports Centre White Lion Aaron Tyo
2014_Summer Red Lodge Sports Centre Cheveley Road Steven Wilson
2013_Winter Cherry Tree A Ashley Crown Dean Spinks
2013_Summer Red Lodge Inn New Astley Club B  
2012_Winter Red Lodge Millennium Centre Cherry Tree B  
2012_Summer Marquis of Cornwallis Cherry Tree B  
2011_Winter Cherry Tree Greyhound  
2011_Summer Cherry Tree B Fordham Crown  
2010_Winter Exning Road B Five Bells  

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