Division 2 Winners

2019_Summer Mildenhall Social Club Clicks B Colin Brown
2018_Winter Mildenhall Social Club Studlands A Pete Sheppard
2018_Summer Burwell A Foresters Dave Higgs
2017_Winter Ashley Crown B Half Moon A Nick Perry
2017_Summer Palomino D Prince A Alan Boyd
2016_Winter Clicks A Palomino D Antony Paramo and
Jesse Gaskin and
Pete Sheppard
2016_Summer Exning Road A The Yard Nick Perry
2015_Winter Burwell A Cherry Tree A Jesse Gaskin
2015_Summer Cheery Tree A MJ's B Steve Debenham
2014_Winter Exning Road A Foresters B Peter Sanderson
2014_Summer Foresters A Foresters B Michael Oak
2013_Winter Palomino D Foresters A Jarrod Barton
      PLAYER of the YEAR
2013_Summer New Astley Club A Burwell A Scott Nevard
2012_Winter Burwell A Six Mile Bottom B  
2012_Summer Exning Road B Palomino D Scott Nevard
2011_Winter New Astley Club Exning Road A  
2011_Summer Exning Road A Exning Road B or
Six Mile Bottom or
Nathan Cross
2010_Winter Studlands B White Swan A  

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