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Week 6   16-06-2022

Barbers Arms  7v2  New Wellington B
Prince B  _v_  _Bye
The Yard B  6v3  Prince A
White Swan  5v4  Rising Sun A


Week 5   09-06-2022

New Wellington B  _v_  _Bye
Prince A  5v4  Barbers Arms
Rising Sun A  4v5  The Yard B
White Swan  5v0  Prince B



Prince B  0v9  Prince A


Week 4   26-05-2022

Barbers Arms  5v4  Rising Sun A
Prince B  1v8  New Wellington B
The Yard B  6v3  White Swan
_Bye  _v_  Prince A


Week 3   19-05-2022

Prince A  6v3  New Wellington B
Rising Sun A  _v_  _Bye
The Yard B  7v2  Prince B
White Swan  8v1  Barbers Arms


Week 2   05-05-2022

Barbers Arms  3v6  The Yard B
New Wellington B  2v7  Rising Sun A
Prince B  PvP  Prince A
_Bye  _v_  White Swan


Week 1   28-04-2022

Barbers Arms  7v2  Prince B
Prince A  5v4  Rising Sun A
The Yard B  _v_  _Bye
White Swan  7v2  New Wellington B