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Week 3   19-05-2022   to   25-05-2022

Studlands C3301710260
Mildenhall Social3211413200
Exning Road A220126180
Foresters B3121413170
Studlands A3121215150
New Wellington A211108130
Rising Sun B3121017130
Cherry Tree B (Studlands)3031017100


Week 2   05-05-2022   to   18-05-2022

Studlands C220126180
Mildenhall Social220108160
Foresters B211108130
Exning Road A11072100
New Wellington A1106390
Studlands A20271170
Cherry Tree B (Studlands)20261260
Rising Sun B20251350


Week 1   28-04-2022   to   04-05-2022

Studlands C11072100
Foresters B1106390
Mildenhall Social1105480
Cherry Tree B (Studlands)1014540
Studlands A1013630
Rising Sun B1012720
Exning Road A0000000
New Wellington A0000000