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Winter League AGM
8th September 2021
8pm at The Foresters



Rule Changes

Start time

Captains Role and Order of Play


Game Rule Set

Election of officials


Motions Carried at the AGM

1.The start time is to be brought forward to first game STARTING by 8:45
2. Captains can now choose the order of play for their team
3. Food is no longer a requirement
4. The League has adopted Blackball rules
5. There will be no Captains cup but teams can enter 3 Singles and 1 Doubles.
6. Players can be registered at any time before the match
The following change was not voted on at the AGM but I am introducing for this season due to Covid. Games can be postponed with less than 24 hours notice without penalty if a team member has to isolate due to covid. As food is not needed the venues will not have prepared food that will then not be needed. As we are still living with Covid we all just need to be as careful as we can and accommodate potential last minute changes. For this reason when the fixtures are published I am not fixing a date for Finals night as we may have to add free weeks at the end to play games that have been postponed.
Further notes on the above changes.
1. Teams should be at the venue by 8:30 to enable the first game to start at 8:45. This is 15 minutes earlier than the current rules and a point deducted if posted on Facebook after this time. Games can be claimed at 9pm
2. The Captain can choose the order that they wish to play their team. If you know you have a player that is going to be a little late you can now put them on last to stop having to change the order of play. If the games are all completed quickly and the games played before he has turned up then common sense should prevail and the doubles etc played before. You could do your draw before you get to the venue so can then just transfer the names to the game card for the night saving time once you get to the venue. Each teams draws must be made blind and independent to the opponents team.
3. Venues are no longer obligated to provide food on the evening. If a team wishes to provide food then that is down to the individual team but this does not have to be reciprocal at the return venue.
4. The league has adopted Blackball rules for the coming season and teams are encouraged to use the next few weeks before the season starts familiarizing themselves with the new game rules. I will bring copies of the rules to finals night tonight for teams to have a read and any clarifications needed on any of the rules can be posted on Facebook where someone that knows the answer can respond. Over the next week or so I will get rules to all venues.
Links for rules listed below

Blackball Rules

Visual Guide

A copy of the rule poster will also be attached.
5. The Captains cup has been scrapped due to it really being used as a second class singles tournament, this will also help with draws for the singles as doubles as we have lost a few venues. This potentially could mean playing semi-finals for the singles at finals night if needed. Teams will now be able to enter upto 3 singles and 1 Doubles pairing to enable the same amount of players to play in the individual competitions.
6. Players can be registered at any point before a match starts provided I have been notified of the player by message. The registration fee should ideally be paid via bank transfer but can be taken to the foresters for those that do not have this facility. In any case this must be done by the Sunday following the match otherwise the game played will be forfeited and results adjusted accordingly.

Dom, 9th September 2021