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Summer League AGM
8pm 12th March 2020


Games to start at 8:45, any later and it's a point deduction,
if not started by 9pm then you can claim the game.

From Winter onwards registrations must be done by the AGM,
rather than finals night as it currently is.

Everything else stayed the same

Dom, 15th March 2020

SUMMER AGM Thursday 12th March 2020

Following the Winter league AGM it was decided that for any rule changes they really need to be discussed before the AGM so that all scenarios and interpretations can be gone through and representatives also are able to discuss with their team. We can then bring a one line rule change to vote at the AGM speeding up the process.

The AGM has also been moved to a Thursday night from Summer 2020 onwards as everyone is available on a Thursday rather than any other days of the week.

There will also be a one team one vote policy to avoid any manipulation of votes to force something through.

So 1st proposed rule change.

This is a change to the registration process which will affect both seasons so any teams that are in the Winter league but not the summer will be able to also Vote before the AGM. At present we usually set the deadline for registrations to be at finals night as we do have quite a few teams there that dont turn up to the AGM. As the AGM has now been moved to a Thursday night I would like to bring forward the registration form and fees to be done at the AGM. Looking at other leagues they have a policy of if you are not at the AGM you are not able to enter the league.
This will free up time at finals night so it can be enjoyed more and I dont find out that richard has taken a form and not ticked off on the list etc. It will also give the AGM more of a purpose than the 6 teams turn up debate a change between them and not get the full views of the league.

The AGM is scheduled to start at 8pm and as it has been moved to a Thurday I appreciate that some games will have to of been rearranged for that date. In this instance a member of the team is able to register the team for the following season and vote on any changes at the same time so they can then go to the venue that they are playing at before the game starts at 8:45. If this isnt practical such as Burwell travelling to Newmarket to register and then going back to play the game then they are able to register before the AGM and vote.

Teams that really dont want to go to the AGM and are not playing a rearranged game are able to register before the AGM but they will not be able to vote on any changes at the AGM.

This will take effect from the Winter 20/21 season although I would like to get as many in for this AGM as possible.

Dom Green, Facebook, 12th February 2020