Summer 2019 - AGM

Summer League AGM
1st April 2019

Thanks to all that made it to the AGM last night.
Changes to be made for the Summer League Season.
Team fees are to remain at 25 per team
Player fees are to remain at 2.50 per player
New player registrations/transfers have to be made by the Tuesday is they are to play on the Thursday, this is to notify Dom that you wish to register a player, Following this the player fee/s must be paid via either a bank transfer or left at the Foresters/ handed in person to Richard or Dom by 8:45 on the Thursday.
Blank player cards will be distributed with the packs for you to fill out as needed. If a player has played on the Thursday night without notification by the Tuesday and the fee received the game will be null and void and awarded to the other team.
The table rating is no longer required and will be removed from the game cards.
There will be no Consolation cup for the summer league.
Deadline for registrations is Finals night on the 11th, we are already behind schedule on where we want to be to start the Summer Season so we do not want to have to chase for any forms as this will push the start date further back, We reserve the right to start the league following this deadline if we have enough teams to make it viable, so missing this deadline is at the teams own risk.
Dom, 02/04/2019

Forgot to mention that also voted in was ALL games must be played before finals night irrespective of any relevance to final league placings.
Dom, 03/04/2019

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